Pet Grief  Services in 

Martin County, Florida

Losing your little companion is hard,

but healing should be easy

Heal the Loss of Your Furry Friend with a LCSW

Grieving a beloved pet often receives less recognition compared to the loss of a human loved one, yet the pain can be just as profound.

Navigating the realm of pet grief can be a challenging one, how do we return to our everyday lives when that special little someone is missing? This can be especially taxing when children or other family members are involved.

There are methods to help alleviate the grieving
process of a lost pet.

Some of the most powerful include:

  • taking the time to grieve
  • building a network of support
  • self-care
  • properly memorializing your pet.

As a pet owner for many decades, Leigh is familiar with the pain experienced when a pet’s life comes to an end.

She is currently a fur-mama to a 6-month old ______ named Sasha. She loves taking her out on all sorts of adventures.

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