Horses have a powerful way of healing our hearts and touching our soul…

Equine Guided Therapy/ Education with an LSCW in Stuart, Florida

Since 2012, Leigh has been working with horses to glean the most out of their impactful healing abilities.

Through her experience and education at Sky Horse Academy, she was compelled to share this powerful psychotherapy option with people who are looking for something different than talk therapy.

Leigh has several relationships with farms in her surrounding areas.


Leigh is a certified Natural Lifemanship Equine Therapist.

Empowering a variety of abilities through Equine-Assisted services

Equine-Assisted Self Exploration (EASE)

Therapeutic Riding

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP)

Benefits of Equine Therapy

You don’t need to love horses to reap the many benefits of Equine Therapy.

Equine Therapy can help a variety of mental discomforts and can improve self-regulation, self-esteem, patterns of thinking, and behavior issues.

Other Benefits Include:

Enhanced patience

Better self-image

Improved leadership abilities

Refined communication skills

Impulse control

Developed empathy

Stress management

Professional Qualifications

Natural Lifemanship Trained Level 2 Practitioner

Level 1 Skyhorse Academy Certification

EAGALA Certified, Level 1 & 2

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Florida